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  Today with so many concert  instruments built worldwide it becomes confusing for the aspiring guitarist of any level to not only choose, but know if they are truly getting an instrument that achieves real concert level status. Yes, there are fine instruments out there, but if you seek the quintessential concert classical guitar,  nothing compares to the instruments that are built in Madrid. The Spaniards not only developed the guitar, but have a history of fine guitar making that is unparalleled.

   There are many reasons why a Madrid instrument is your best choice. Concert guitars have become more expensive over the last 15 or so years and many guitars are costing well over 10,000 USD. Most of the pricey guitars do not retain their value. The concert guitars from the top Madrid luthiers not only hold their value, they often increase in value over time. If you invest in a Madrid concert guitar you are not only getting the best guitar available, your investment is often more secure. 

 I have and can acquire instruments from any of the most respected and known builders including: Ignacio Rozas, Paulino Bernabe, Mariano Tezanos, Manuel Caceres, Sergio Tezanos, Juan Alvarez, Jose Romero and Jose Luis Gil to name a few. 
I try my best to sell you a concert guitar that is above and beyond any instrument anyone else may offer.


The finest selection of Madrid built concert guitars.
Your only source for 664mm scale length instruments.

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New arrivals from: Caceres, Tezanos, Rozas
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