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                                                                            SOLD INSTRUMENTS

​​​​​​​1. Jose Ramirez 1A Traditional 1977 Cedar and Indian, 664mm scale Lacquer Finish:  Very good condition with no cracks or damage and it plays easily. Previously owned by a collector that had it French Polished.  Bright and powerful sound. This is an exceptional Ramirez with a uniquely beautiful rosette & French Polish finish.

Felix Manzanero1971 Cedar and Brazilian 656mm scale Lacquer Finish. Beautiful vintage instrument from one of the best former Ramirez builders. Sweet and balanced sound. Condition is good with a few marks on the top and a small line in the varnish on the bridge.Plays and sounds superb. Very Nice SOLD

3. Paulino Bernabe 1973 Cedar and Brazilian 660mm scale Lacquer Finish. A masterpiece from the most famous builder in history. This guitar was built by Paulino himself. Sonically, one of the finest instruments I have heard. Conditon is very good with one repair to the top masterfully done by Bernabe. Plays beautifully, frets and fingerboard are perfect. Stunning Brazilian! This is as good as Bernabe's get. Conditon: Very Good. Inquire...SOLD

4. Sergio Tezanos 2008 Spruce and Madagascar 664mm scale Lacquer Finish. Sergio is the finest builder in Madrid. This guitar is sold but you can see how beautiful it is. Just the best you can get. He 's a Tezanos!  Like his great uncle and uncle, he carries on the family name and may be the best yet. SOLD

5. Sergio Tezanos 2009. Spruce and Madagascar,  664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. Special 5 strut Torres fan bracing. Warm and extremely rich voice. Condition: New.SOLD

6. Sergio Tezanos 2009. Cedar and Madagascar,  664mm scale,  Lacquer Finish. This guitar will remind you of the greatest Ramirez guitars of the 1960's. Huge Concert sound. Condition: New. SOLD

7. Sergio Tezanos 2012. Modelo Madrid Especial. Spruce and Indian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. This is Sergio's top model. It is a double-sided cypress-lined instrument. Huge voice and very powerful! Condition: New. SOLD

8. Jose Ramirez 1965 MT Spruce and Brazilian 664mm scale French Polish. Very rare Spruce top from the builder preferred by Segovia and Parkening. Typical of the great Ramirez guitars. Powerful, warm, etc. Very good condition. Recently french polished in Madrid. One repair to the top done by Ignacio Rozas. This is an extremely rare Ramirez in beautiful condition. SOLD

 9. David Huelmo de Luna 2010 Spruce and Madagascar,  664mm Scale,  Lacquer Finish. David apprenticed under Mariano Tezanos for many years. He is one of Madrid's great builders and his guitars are of the finest caliber. Beautiful rich sound. This guitar is truly special! Condition: Mint. SOLD

Mariano Tezanos Concerto Especial  2009 Spruce and Brazilian, 664mm Scale, Lacquer Finish. Just a stunning example of Spanish guitar building at it's best.  Mariano is no longer building and this is the best guitar I have seen from him. Very balanced sound with gorgeous clear trebles. Superb in every way. Condition: New. SOLD

11. Ignacio Rozas 2008 Spruce and Brazilian, 664 scale, Lacquer Finish. One of the last guitars built by Ignacio, Especial model with unique sound board bracing. Stunning sapwood on back and sides. Extremely clear, powerful sound, a truly special one-of-a-kind concert guitar. Condition: Mint. INQUIRE

12.Ignacio Rozas 2008 Especial-model. Cedar and Brazilian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. This is just an unbelievable guitar. Condition: MINT. SOLD

Jose Ramirez 1A 2013. Cedar and Indian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. Traditional model. This guitar is an exemplary example of what Ramirez is most known for. Ramirez has gone back to building artisan guitars of the highest quality and very few. The 664mm scale instruments are very rare as they only build these to order.They have added a twelve hole bridge tie block and are using a softer lacquer finish similar to the Urea lacquer they used in the 1960's that had a very special sound quality. I am confident the current instruments built at Ramirez may be the best ever. This guitar has few tiny playing marks that can only be seen from an angle. Owned previously just briefly by a student.  Comes in Ramirez Hiscox flite case and letter of authenticity from Amalia Ramirez.Condition: Excellent. SOLD

14.Jose Ramirez 1960 (PB). Spruce & Brazilian, 664mm scale, French Polished Shellac. These early Ramirez guitars are what made Paulino Bernabe famous. He built very few and in 1960 perhaps ten or less. One of them was owned and played by Andres Segovia. Segovia's 1960(PB) is now in the Ramirez shop collection in Madrid. This instrument may be the first with the modern internal bracing that Ramirez still uses today. It is in surprisingly good condition with no cracks anywhere. Light as a feather it has a stunning warm sound with an endless bottom and warm, balanced treble. It plays easily and does not suffer from the poor mechanics that many of the later Ramirez guitars did.This has been corrected in the current 1A instruments that now play much easier. The French Polish does show wear and could be renewed easily but left alone seems to add to it's charm and mystique.The fingerboard shows little use and both it and the frets are in excellent condition. This instrument can be played with no problem and is a true collectors dream from the period that defined Ramirez. Condition: Very good. SOLD

15. Pedro C Valbuena 1998 Cedar & Indian Rosewood, 650 scale, Lacquer finish. Pedro C Valbuena had a 30 year career building guitars for Jose Ramirez. His PC stamp is well known and he was a highly respected builder while at Ramirez. After he left  he, like many Ramirez trained builders continued to build under there own name. His guitars are quite rare and very special. The Japanese players are crazy about them and I can see why. This guitar is built using a Torres seven strut fan and is as sweet as they get.  Valbuena passed away in 2007 and his instruments have become collectible. Beautiful Cedar & Indian,  this is a rare top notch instrument that is simply wonderful. Excellent. SOLD.

16. Ignacio Rozas 2008 Cedar & Brazilian 640mm scale, French Polish Shellac. A rare 640mm scale 1A Rozas that is one of the last guitars
he built. This is a lovely sounding instrument with surprising volume considering the shorter scale. It features Fleta internal bracing that is quite rare and was obviously a custom order. Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back & sides as well as all the typical touches Ignacio is known for including Herringbone edges and matching Rosette. If you are looking for a short scale I don't think you'll find a better instrument than this. Condition is very nice with just few playing marks on the top and a small spot on the back from apparent belt buckle rub. Very good


With Manuel Caceres
From left to right: Jose Luis Gil, Ignacio Rozas, Mariano Tezanos, Sergio Tezanos
With Juan Alvarez