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1. Manuel Caceres2007 Spruce & Brazilian, 664mm scale, French Polish. Manuel Caceres has become a legend as he built the guitars
 for Arcangel Fernandez for many years. His own instruments are very similar to  Arcangel's with stunning treble clarity yet a warm Organic sound that is simply hard to describe or deny​. This is an extremely rare guitar with gorgeous Church door Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce top. Caceres is retired and his guitars have become high on the collectors list. This is a superb instrument. Mint.INQUIRE

2. Manuel Caceres  2004 Spruce & Brazilian, 664mm scale, French Polish:  This Caceres is typical of his best guitars wilt very clear treblle and a warm sweet quality that he is known for. The Brazilian Rosewood was from his best pieces and truly stunning. Not only a great instrument but a work of art and highly collectible. Near mint. INQUIRE

3. Mariano Tezanos  2007 Maestro Model, Spruce & Brazilian, 664mm scale, French Polish​​​: Mariano Tezanos is one of the best and  most respected builders ever. His Maestro model is his best and this a powerful concert guitar of the highest standard. Mariano is now retired so these are hard to find. A masterpiece from one of the best Madrid school makers. Mint. $9200.00

4. Mariano Tezanos  2007 Concierto Model, Spruce & Brazilian, 664nn scale, French Polish: ​​Mariano's Concierto model differs from the Maestro by not having double sides that yields a sound more typical of very traditional Spanish instruments. This is a wonderful guitar with clear singing trebles and a perfectly balanced bass with good weight and tons of volume. This guitar  has one small ding on the treble side upper bout that is insignificant. Other than that it is in as new condition and great value for a real Mariano Tezanos.

5. Juan Alvarez 2004 Spruce and Indian 650mm scale Lacquer Finish. Juan Alvarez builds wonderful guitars and is from the Santos Hernandez lineage.His father apprenticed under Marcelo Barbero and Juan Miguel carries on the fine building tradition. This guitar is a powerhouse with  superb balance. A concert guitar of high esteem. Attached tap plate(Golpedor) Mint condition. Consignment. $4500

6. José Luis Gil  2010 Spruce and Brazilian,  664 scale,  Lacquer Finish. Magnificent concert guitar from a builder with over 30 years building experience. He has built guitars for many of the top builders and now works under his own name. He is one of the most sought after builders in Madrid today. Condition: Near Mint. SOLD

7. Ignacio Rozas  2008 Spruce and Brazilian, 664 scale, Lacquer Finish. One of the last guitars built by Ignacio, Especial model with unique sound board bracing. Stunning sapwood on back and sides. Extremely clear, powerful sound, a truly special one-of-a-kind concert guitar. Condition: Mint. INQUIRE

8. Sergio Tezanos  2014. Spruce and Brazilian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. Double-sided, cypress-lined top model from Sergio with rare Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Sergio is building some of the finest guitars available today. You won't find another with Brazilian Rosewood. This is a concert guitar that excels in every way. Simply remarkable! Condition: New. Inquire

9. Lorenzo Alvarez 1974. Spruce and Brazilian, 656mm scale, Lacquer Finish. This guitar is in excellent condition and appears to have not been played much at all. Very sweet, balanced sound and excellent ease of playing. This is a really lovely Concert guitar!: Very good. $4800.00

10. Ignacio Rozas 2008. Spruce and Brazilian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. The last guitar built by Ignacio with stunning Brazilian and very unique. Double-sided, cypress-lined with Mariano Tezanos concerto bracing. Condition: New. INQUIRE

11. Ignacio Rozas 2008. Spruce and Brazilian, 664mm scale, Lacquer Finish. Another great concert guitar from Ignacio with figured Brazilian and one-of-a-kind bracing pattern. Condition: Mint. INQUIRE

12. Miguel Rodriguez 1987 Cedar & Honduran Rosewood, 660 scale, Lacquer finish. Miguel Rodriguez is one of the best builders ever. Though located in Cordoba during his career his guitars are simply extraordinary. They have a distinct sound that rivals the very finest instruments from Madrid. His fame is well documented and and the guitars from this shop are some of the most sought and collectible of all. This instrument is a classic example of Rodriguez and it is in excellent condition overall. Excellent. Inquire

13. Ignacio Fleta 1962 Spruce & Indian Rosewood, 650 scale, French Polished Shellac finish. Ignacio Fleta is without question one of Spain's historically most significant builders. His instruments have been cherished by many great players including Andres Segovia and John Williams. Here is a truly rare piece as it is from the period when Fleta himself built them in 1962. These are the most sought by collectors and this instrument will satisfy the most demanding. The French Polish was recently renewed in Madrid and the guitar is in wonderful condition. Excellent. Inquire.


With Manuel Caceres
From left to right: Jose Luis Gil, Ignacio Rozas, Mariano Tezanos, Sergio Tezanos
With Juan Alvarez